Film Music Business Mentoring Sessions

For any Aspiring, Emerging & Working Media Composers

Discover the 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions with the OTICONS Founder!

If you are a composer and you have A LOT of questions about the industry in regard to how to enter the industry, make connections and eventually get work, as well as what set of skills and tools a composer needs today to have in order to carve a more confident and promising career path... then this is for you.

By attending this mentoring course you'll emerge with a newfound understanding of the film industry, a strategic mindset, and the skills to navigate the complex world of film composition. Whether you have no idea about pitching yourself to filmmakers, Music Rights, negotiating deals, and whether you're aiming for a career in Hollywood, independent productions, or international co-productions, this course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to pursue the career path you strive for.


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George is extremely generous with his time and his vast knowledge of the business and he shares invaluable insights and career advice. He perfectly outlines the reality of the industry with several practical examples. I highly recommend his mentoring sessions!

-Medhat Hanbali

One of the most enlightening courses I have ever attended. He extended my horizon with new aspects and inputs to think about which I will implement in my working process. I recommend them to everyone who is looking for a professional career as a film composer.

-Jan Willem De With

What an excellent business mentoring program! I now have a clearer picture and a greater confidence in how to navigate my unique track in building my career. My participation in this program has saved me valuable time in the future.

-Tali Ben Ami

The most essential, professional, invaluably informative and strategically structured tutoring I have ever received! George's expertise helped me to gather all the vital info I needed to start my journey as a film composer. His friendly approach turned the learning process into an utterly inspiring one!

-Viktor Ilief

What made the sessions so valuable is how George adapted his presentations to tie in with my work and aspirations and this bespoke approach gave me a unique insight that has both informed and inspired me and given me more confidence moving forwards.

-Dave Price

Every second that George dedicated to me was inspiring on so many levels. My professional life has been mainly focused on composing for the theater so far, but entering the world of film with a professional mentor saved me time and gave me the necessary knowledge for the further career development.

-Žarko Dragojević

Are you a Media Composer and you need help to negotiate a project or to check the terms of a contract that you received?

We offer legal representation on a project basis to all media composers that want to make sure the will get the right deal with the right terms for any project they are involved. We sit down with you to go over any agreement that was sent to you to make sure that your best interests are taken care of, and that you avoid any serious long-term implications. Contact us today to see what your next steps should be when securing a deal for a project.
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Please make sure to write in the beginning of your message the title "Legal Representation Request"

Educating Events for Emerging Composers & Filmmakers

We want to improve the way Music in Film is perceived, requested & created. For this purpose we have designed various educative Seminars & Workshops!

Are you a School or Festival and you want a Masterclass or Workshop for emerging composers & filmmakers?

We're passionate about education and mentoring of the young creatives. OTICONS founder performs workshops since 2012 to emerging and established media composers and filmmakers. Contact George Christopoulos directly on WhatsApp if you wish to...
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Festivals & Educational Institutions

Events where George Christopoulos has performed seminars and workshops.
Discover the OTICONS FACULTY Competition

Since 2014, our dedicated endeavor has been the "Oticons Faculty," an annual film music competition. This initiative has garnered acclaim from renowned experts and emerging composers alike for its innovative approach. Serving as a stage for talented film composers to showcase their work, the competition offers a valuable opportunity for recognition, discovery, and promotion within the film music industry. We are proud to say that some of the winners of our competition are such exquisite talents that you will now find them at our represented roster of composers.