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1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions with the OTICONS Founder!
Acquire all the necessary knowledge of the Film & Media Music Business
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Composers that seek to understand how things work in the entertainment industry, from self-pitching and self-marketing to negotiating contracts and understanding music fundamentals like publishing, these Mentoring Sessions are one-of-a-kind. All the composers that booked George for mentoring sessions could not overstate enough how invaluable the input and overall advice they received was to them!

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Educating Events for Emerging Composers & Filmmakers

We want to improve the way Music in Film is perceived, requested & created. For this purpose we have designed various educative Seminars & Workshops!



Since 2012, OTICONS & OTICONS FACULTY Founder George Christopoulos, has given seminars to various Film and Film Music Festivals, Universities and other special audiovisual conferences mainly to emerging film composers and filmmakers. From Hawaii International Film Festival and being a Resident Consultant at Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival, to Krakow Film Music Festival,  SoundtrackCologe, Arnhem Institute of the Arts and Lillehammer University, George tutored and had one-on-one meetings with hundreds of aspiring composers that all had the same questions. And mainly one big question: how can I make creators in the entertainment industry, and specifically film, trust me and my talent?

The seminars and workshops are devised having as a goal to answer that major question and all that derive from it. Their content aim to fill the gap of knowledge between the craft of a film director & producer and the one of a film composer by addressing film-making and film scoring as a collaboration where the knowledge of each other's craft, "language", creative intentions and practical techniques are the #1 factor of a smooth and productive synergy.

If you wish to provide with your students, local and international peers and any creative professionals in your community with a load of insights, or "too much food for thought and advice" as audiences expressed in the past, don't hesitate to contact George at George will be delighted to help and share all the knowledge he has gathered through the years that made him and his clients trust them blindly as professionals.

Festivals & Educational Institutions

Events where George Christopoulos has performed seminars and workshops.

Are you a Composer and you need help to negotiate a deal or to check the terms of a contract?

We offer legal representation on a project basis to all media composers that wish to make sure the will get the right deal with the right terms for any project.
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Are you a School or Festival and you want a Masterclass or Workshop for emerging composers & filmmakers?

We're passionate about education and mentoring of the young creatives. OTICONS founder performs workshops since 2012 to emerging and established media composers and filmmakers.
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Discover our OTICONS FACULTY Film Music Competition

Our passion project since 2014 has been an annual film music competition, the "Oticons Faculty". It has been praised by world-class professionals and aspiring composers as a unique and groundbreaking initiative, due to its function as a platform for talented film composers to be heard, discovered and promoted in the film music world!