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Our Decade-Long Journey in the Industry

After years of tireless work in the industry, visiting film festivals, expanding our network, and collaborating on projects across the globe, our brand has earned the trust of entertainment professionals. This trust is the foundation upon which we stand, and we wish to utilize it to assist filmmakers in finding the right partners, fostering collaboration, and ultimately realizing their exceptional projects.

The key to our assistance lies in evaluating the story and the project's potential to resonate with an international audience. At OTICONS, we believe that every film project must strike a balance between artistic qualities and commercial success. These are the projects that captivate our contacts, making them potential co-production partners.

We offer our services to film and series projects at any stage and status, but we prioritize those in advanced development. This is because the producers have a clear understanding of the elements they still need to finalize the co-production structure and financing. To help you, we require a Project Outline with a Synopsis/Treatment/Script, a Budget Top Sheet, and a Lookbook.

Do you seek a composer of a specific nationality?

Share with us any related information to your international co-production and we'll come back to you with suggestions.
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We are the Solution for International Co-Productions

Co-Producing Is Sharing, is the mantra of all producers that are involved in international co-productions. If you are a majority or minority co-producer that contributes to such an international co-production, then by exploring our talent agency's website you are presented with a unique opportunity to find the solution you seek production by choosing from a diverse pool of composers representing 20 different nationalities.

Choosing a composer from our agency's eclectic roster not only unlocks a world of creativity and fresh ideas but also presents the opportunity to find the perfect match in terms of nationality for your specific international co-production requirements. Should we represent the nationality you are seeking, the shared elements of your project can be expertly fulfilled by one of our talented individuals.

From the early stages of development, you can connect with us to identify the ideal Head of Department for Music in your co-production. Explore our lineup of composers spanning 20 nationalities and reach out to us as soon as you have inquiries or requests regarding how we can assist you in discovering the perfect talent among our top-tier composers. And please feel free to share with us the project's pitch deck, a synopsis and any related co-production information! We can't wait to hear from you!