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Consulting International Co-Productions

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Oticons Inspires Trust. Why? We believe that the main reason is our idealistic view on what are the mandatory ingredients for a film to become a great success, both artistically and commercially. At the same time, the very nature of our business - international projects looking for international composers - led to the day that our desks were piling up with more scripts and project outlines than music CDs. The next step was only natural...

We have organized our trustworthy and experienced network of professionals from every sector of the film industry, and narrowed it down to those who get the job done: producers, directors, script-consultants, legal experts, financing companies, post-production studios and several other service providers from all over the world. Well... almost from all over the world.


Of course we are not able to help every project that comes into our direction. But if we get excited with the story and the team and the overall vision and potential of a film, then we'll do our best to help it get made and not postponed or cancelled indefinitely due to whatever practical complications - as we have seen so many times happening to really beautiful projects...

We believe that every film project has to make sense in terms of being a Balancing Act between Artistic Qualities & Commercial Success. There are numerous amazing art-house projects that are made from directors in order to be watched by... other directors. These are not the project either us or out network is interested to step in. But we are determined to assist the films that audiences would watch and be inspired by, while filmmakers would manage to generate results that will help them start their next project with more confidence.


We accept to help projects at any stage and of any status. We do prioritize though the projects that are easier to consult, e.g. those where the co-production scheme is already in place and where the co-producers are in the process of seeking artists and services at specific territories in order to serve the local spending purposes.

Quite often though, we are entering uncharted territories, with projects in development that are seeking international co-production partners. In these cases we are more flexible to offer more solutions if the project is in advanced in-development, for instance when with 50% of the budget, an almost shooting script and a detailed Project Outline are in place. If none of the above is in place then we will only be able to help if we will get passionate about the project because we think the script, and the team behind it, are absolutely brilliant!
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Here is a list of what materials we need to receive and overall info we need to know, in order to decide how we can help you!

Script · Synopsis · Treatment
the TEAM
Director & Producer · BIOs · Notes & Vision
Current Status · Budget Outline · Financial Plan
Co-Production Profile · Funds · Services
the CAST
Wish List · Pending · Confirmed
Filming · Post-Production Schedule & Dates


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