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Our Concept & our Team

No, OTICONS is not a company that produces contact lenses! It's just ancient Greek to you... until now.

Our Concept

The name "oticons" is a combination of the ancient Greek words "ota" (ears) and "ikon" (image). We created it in order to give our very own definition of Film Music: images which can be heard, music which can tell a story; or in one word... Oticons. Based on that concept, Oticons Ltd., was founded as a Talent Agency for Film Composers. It operates globally and specializes in facilitating international co-productions. Today, we represent more than 25 outstanding film music composers of more than 15 different nationalities.

Our Team

Oticons Ltd. was founded in 2010 by two Greek entrepreneurs, George Christopoulos and Stavros Platsis. Out of pure love and passion for the arts of Cinema and Music they created their most ambitious venture, a talent agency for film composers. Their relationship with several world-class film music composers, conductors, orchestras, festivals and organizations from all over the world the last years, formed the represented roster of composers and clientele.

Our Services

We offer all-around Film Music services for every kind of project but indeed our specialty lies in facilitating the needs of international co-productions. With an extensive clientele and a network of publishing companies, music supervisors, orchestrators, recording studios and orchestras and the most renowned conductors specialized in Film Music, we are able to deliver a complete package for every production for any territory: In-Brief, Within-Budget, On-Demand.

Our Productions

Aside from our unique services, we are also focused in producing concert events and educational projects. We are managing the massive and brilliant repertoire of our clients, giving the opportunity to them and to concert audiences to experience their music performed live on stage! We are performing workshops and seminars to film festivals and universities, in our effort to educate the film industry professionals of how to improve their craft and their collaborations!

But what makes us really different?

We couldn't have achieved any of the above without the trust of the film-makers with worked together on their projects! These successful collaborations were a result of following the strategic formula we have devised to make our clients happy: match-making the right composer with the right director and the right story. And creating a smooth process from as early as in-development until the release of the film and its soundtrack.
The Formula of Success


Original Film Scores for Original Stories


Creative Match-Making Strategy


Co-Productions Consulting Formula

George Christopoulos

"Music should be an extra invisible element that adds Life to a Film, not one more headache for a Production."
George has been a film and film music enthusiast for over 15 years when he decided to become a talent agent after touching base with Shigeru Umebayashi (a.k.a. Ume) back in 2005, who - as Ume himself stated - "has been the first European who ever contacted me". Former to that he was a prolific designer, director and producer of artistic and corporate multimedia events internationally. Since 2010 he's one of the most energetic film composers agents, consultants and educators in Europe.

Stavros Platsis

"There is no bigger satisfaction than to share with the world, partners and services that turn ideas into films."
Stavros has been a business man and enterpreneur for over 25 years already. He started his own Graphic Design Agency in Athens, Greece, in 1990, but several more businesses along the way in different territories. He has always been a Creative person, so his love for cinema and music finally found a way to be expressed with Oticons, which he co-founded with one of his oldest friends and collaborators, George Christopoulos.


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