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Our Creative Formula

Every filmmaker is different. They all have their own special ways and personal visions when they develop their projects, when they make creative choices regarding how they wish to tell their story.

Our goal is to bring together the right composer that with their talent, personality, professionalism and thorough understanding of film language, they will be able to make their directors and producers happy.

THIS is our Formula for Successful Matchmaking, Film Scoring and ultimately Storytelling.

Acquire Fitting Original Music for your Unique Story & Product.

These are the 4 Steps we suggest in order to tackle what until now seemed one of the biggest challenges in the film-making process: MUSIC


Think Music

Are you in-development of your film and your script is already in great shape? Then it's the perfect time to make the 1st & most important step: read it again and think of music! Contemplate and decide on What Style & How Much Music -in terms of total duration of Original Score or Licensed Tracks - your story approx. will require.

Budget Music

Gather the Data that will occur from Step #1, calculate them as "costs" and integrate them in your Budget Outline & your Financial Plan. This will give you a more accurate & realistic idea of what funds, and from/to where, you should raise & spend for Music. It's a very crucial step especially if your project is an int'l co-production.

Spot Music

Reach out to us to suggest you the most suitable Composers for your story, in terms of musical style, budget and availability. In the meantime have a "spotting session" of the script with your director to define the key elements (characters, entire sequences etc.) that will in extent generate a better initial brief for the composers you'll contact.

Make Music

While we bring together the Director and the Composer to start brainstorming, we negotiate the best contract terms for your production, considering your budget and territory. After all is agreed and signed, the Composer is officially on board and ready to work! More Time means More Quality & Less Headaches in Post-production.

The Formula for International Co-Productions

When we're dealing with international co-productions the 4 Steps remain the same; nevertheless they get a lot more complicated. In a co-production scheme, MUSIC becomes an element that is broken-down to many more elements-services that have to carefully be explored, selected, hired and contracted based on various parameters, limitations and prerequisites. Depending on (i) what co-producer you seek or you have found already and (ii) the funds your majority or minority co-producers bring in from their national fund - and in extent specific spending requirements, then the budgeting and financing of Music becomes a bigger headache.

In the following documentation, which was commissioned by the Mannheim Meeting Place Int'l Co-Production Event, you will find a more comprehensive analysis of the above steps but also it addresses in a detailed manner further topics.
Download PDF file: "Oticons Formula for Music Services within Co-Prods"


Paula Ortiz

"I've learned so much through the process! I'm really grateful to Oticons' agents for their support all the way and to Shigeru Umebayashi for the beautiful music he created! Our movie wouldn't have been the same without the Oticons team on board."

-Paula Ortiz
Yannis Economides

"Meeting Jean-Michel Bernard was a revelation to me. A great person, so warm and generous. He is a singular, special, true artist and of course his music couldn’t be any different. His score for my film was a revelation, too!"

-Yannis Economides